Lobbo is a perv and an implacable hunter. His only life goal is to find the bear of his dreams! Even though his type basically adds up to “manly jerks” of any species, he is loyal and will sacrifice it all when it comes to the man he loves. When he gets mad, he’s very dangerous and can beat whichever furry beast gets in his way.

Supper Oso

Roogelio/Supper Oso, es un chico tierno e ingenuo que creció buleado por sus compañeros por ser homosexual. Después de comer accidentalmente un suero sospechoso, adquirió poderes sobrenaturales, que se activan cuando se enfurece. Defensor de los gorditos y las panzas cheleras no descansará hasta ver a salvo a sus amigos y en especial a su amado Poolar

Gatto y Dr. Grizzlye

They are a cute couple with the common fights. They both love each other, even though their so different personalities tend to create trouble between them: Gatto usually is very horny and Grizzlye is very lovely Gatto is a good for nothing, and Grizzlye is a world-famous pediatric oncologist